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A new Wooden Lady will be available on or about July 28, 2008

Photos of the new banjo will be here soon...

You can click on any of the below features for more details and photos, or click on number 1 and take the full tour. Although these photos have been optimized for the web, some may take a bit to load depending on your connection speed. Please be patient.

  1. Tone ring (and hence the name)
  2. Tension Hoop (something different)
  3. The Bracket Band (more something different)
  4. The Neck (strong and agile)
  5. Set-up and Finish (it's all in the details)
  6. Philosophy (the why of it all...)
  7. What's Next? (yes... there will be another banjo)
  8. Specifications (for people who want to know it all...)
  9. MP3 Sound Samples (hear Evie Ladin play!)
  10. News! (Updates, tidbits, gossip...)
  11. Contact Robert Edney (praise and complaints both welcomed)
  12. Links (for those who don't mind a temporary mess)

Coming soon:

A page about who Robert Edney is, more sound samples, shop photos of banjos in progress, FAQ, links to my favorite banjo places and more!


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New Pages:

"In the Workshop" -- see a refined version of the Wooden Lady under construction.

"Best Clawhammer CD's" -- culled from suggestions of the folks on the Banjo-L mailing list.


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