Get Your Own Wooden Lady?

We take our time making Wooden Ladies. That's the best way. Look for a new banjo available in a week or so -- around July 28th, 2008. This one will be somewhat different, including a beautiful turned wooden dowl stick and a somewhat modified tone ring.


It's pretty simple. Wooden Ladies are not static things, they evolve. So, prices vary slightly depending on what the wood suggests as we go along. However, you can count on a range between $1,500 and $2,000 for the time being.



Five years, not including normal wear and tear (frets, strings, head, stuff like that). If you accidentally break it, that's not covered either. What is covered is anything I did wrong, or the failure of any part in normal use. However, if you do accidentally break it I want to see it, and how it broke, and I'll probably fix it for free in exchange for the privilege so long as you pay the shipping.

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Prototype (see below)
A recent banjo...