What Does It Sound Like?

I asked Evie Ladin, a fabulous player, band member, Southern Appalachian Flatfoot Clogger, teacher and soon to be mom, to play some so we could record a sample. We recorded this at the infamous Kitchen Table Studios, which really is located on my kitchen table, and the whole thing was pretty casual. My PC introduced some inexplicable sporadic scratchy noises that make it sound like a vintage LP at times. You can hear a lot more of Evie -- recorded under much better circumstances -- on her CD with the rest of the Stairwell Sisters (look over there to the right). I tried hard to capture something close to the real sound here, but everybody is going to play this back on a different PC with different speakers, etc. Consider this a rough guide:

These are full length MP3 files -- allow some time to download:

Sample 1: This is Seneca Square Dance played in G. The banjo is slightly muted with a small wad of plastic grocery bags -- a specialty item we sell separately. Evie plays this one up the neck, just above the pot.

Sample 2: Another, shorter clip, this one played over the head and without the muting. This banjo is perfectly capable of being loud and has plenty of sustain, even though the pot had a lot more wood than a typical instrument.

Many thanks to Evie! You can contact her about gigs, lessons or her video "Buckdancing for Beginners" by emailing her directly:


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