Rim: Block rim, overlapping octagonal, made of hard maple or cherry -- Integral scalloped bocote tone ring with bonded brass band and separate brass ring . Contrasting wood cap on rear.

Head: 11", Remo Renaissance head as show. Other heads available, including pre-mounted skin or un-mounted skin with additional flesh hoop.

Neck: Extra wide maple or cherry neck with 1/2" square, steel bar stock epoxied in place for reinforcement. Fretboard veneer is also extra thick for stability and wear. Position markers are solid brass and the facing markers fully penetrate the fretboard.

Scale: 26 3/16" as shown. Other scale lengths available. Scooped neck available.

Wood: A variety of configurations, including Maple neck and rim. Bocote tone ring with brass upper ring. Unstained ebony fretboard, heel-cap, stretcher band and peghead veneer.

Tuners: Five Star. Other tuners available.

Bridge: Sosebee 5/8" as shown, others available.

Nut: Pernambuco, ebony, bone or solid brass.

Tailpiece: No Knot

Dowel Stick: Turned dowel stick with our own attachment hardware.

Coordinator rod(s): When used, dual coordinator rods, non-parallel.

Finish: Hard oil (polymerized tung oil). It takes way longer than lacquer, but it's also way better...

Warranty: 5 years

Price: $1,500 to $2,000




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Unfinished parts of the pot...


Thinned Renaissance head.


Ebony, cherry, buginga, curly maple and brass.